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Kaptaan Chappal

Kaptaan Chappal

Kaptaan  Chappals is crafted with the highest quality cow leather upper and comfort padding inside the leather lining.

The kaptaan chappals upper is folded and skewed to replace stitching, creating an even more durable construction.

The craftsmanship involved in these chappals is truly remarkable, making them a favorite among those

who appreciate traditional style and fine artistry.

Unique Designs & Patterns

The Kaptaan Peshawari Chappal also features unique designs and patterns that are eye-catching and stylish.

The intricate details make each piece stand out from the rest, ensuring that it will be admired by all who see it.

The use of bold colors helps create a classic look that will never go out of style.

Whether you’re looking for something sophisticated or something more casual, there’s sure to be a design that fits your needs perfectly!