Angora Wool Pakol


Angora Wool Pakol - Peshawari Chappals


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Product Description

  • Angora Men’s Pakols are the height of luxury for discerning gentlemen.
  • These handcrafted caps are crafted from exquisite angora wool, dyed in an array of colors, such as brown, black, grey, and white.
  • The flat top and rolled sides provide a distinctive look that is sure to turn heads.
  • For ultimate comfort and warmth, our Pakol caps are designed with a soft lining inside that conforms to the shape of your head while remaining lightweight at the same time.
  • Our signature Angora Pakol is sure to be the statement piece of any style-conscience man’s wardrobe.
  • With its immaculate stitching and intricate detailing, it concludes every outfit with flair and sophistication.
  • At 50% off the retail price right now, there has never been a better time to join the thousands of men who already wear our Angora Men’s Pakols.


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